The Mission

Early on in our careers, we discovered we had to be cautious about believing clients when they told us how great they were and how they would take over the world. The issue was the narratives and fanciful stories they had sold to themselves – in spite of themselves.

Little did we know this would become the basis of Monster – A Billion Dollar Ideology, written with one intent in mind: to teach whoever will listen how to deeply understand what makes you tick, why you have been successful, and how to double down on who you truly are, not who you wish you could be.

We couldn’t find the necessary objective tools and ways of thinking to achieve this – so we made them. Now, they’re yours.








Meet the Authors

David Anthony Childs

Author & Company Alignment Strategist


David is the integrative thinker and lead facilitator of the Living Blueprint team. Since 2004, he has been the catalyst behind many strategic and creative alignments enhancing some of Western Canada’s leading companies, including Pacific Coastal Airlines, OpenRoad Auto Group, Iridia Medical, and Genesis Security.

Amir A. Nasr

Author & Founder Alignment Strategist


Throughout his decade-long career, Amir has helped 7, 8 and 9-figure founders clarify their story and message, guiding them to overcome their inner obstacles to more rapidly grow their business performance. He is the Creative Director of Assertive & Co. and Program Director of all private workshops and coaching programs.


“We realized that to take it to the next level we really had to stop and kind of reflect and say okay, across all the things that we do, what are the common values that we have and what is the common culture. So by doing that, it allowed us an amazing opportunity, really a once in a lifetime opportunity to take what we’ve built for the last 15 years, boil down what was really the essence of the culture and the corporate values and then launch that in a consistent path forward.”

Founder - Iridia Medical

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“I could suddenly see the core value proposition. I got clear on how to tell my business’s story, how to communicate with clients… It’s impossible for me to emphasize how powerful this framework is and what a wonderful coach Amir is.”

Founder - Mindvalley


“In working with David what I really appreciated was the non-topdown attitude, he wanted to explore, he wanted to create a great relationship with us – build that relationship and then look at the opportunities available. As a direct result, we’ve created a strong new message, we’ve grown passenger traffic by 28%.”

President - Pacific Coastal Airlines

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Monster: A Billion Dollar Ideology starts with the idea that your decisions are all based on your values – for better or worse.

The better you understand your values, for what they actually are and not what you wish them to be – the more efficiently you can move your organization forward and gain alignment.

The Monster ideology is based on uncovering, articulating and acting on exactly who you are based on the evidence.